What is Savage Impression?

Savage Impression is simpler than it might seem, no funny gimmicks.

No word tricks, just two words brought together to describe something bigger than words.

To describe something, someone as savage is to witness raw beauty, ferocity and strength.

A Savage Impression is not thought of, but instead is an evoked emotion that you can only describe as savage.

We have all made a first impression, right?

What distinguishes a, “first impression,” from a Savage Impression is simple.

First Impressions are a glance, handshake or a stare across a room, fleeting and forgotten.

A Savage Impression will demand your gaze and grasp your thoughts.

All other aspects of the who, what, where, when and why are blotted out like the sun by the moon during an eclipse.

You’re captivated, you can’t look away, and you don’t want to.

What you’ve looked at has now been seen.

What you thought before, has now been changed.

Anything you experience can be impressive.

Only few special things can leave a Savage Impression. 


EST. OCT 27, 2014